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Matthews Church of God Matthews Church of God

Photo Gallery: Special Guests Photo Gallery: Special Guests

Special Guests
Alan & Cheri Greene

Guest Speaker

Pastor & 1st Lady Appreciation


Viewed 13 times
Tom Tatum

Guest Speaker

Viewed 109 times
Matt & Tracy Gunter

WNC State Evangelism Director

Guest Speaker

Men's Day 2021

Viewed 154 times
Jackie Jenkins

Guest Speaker

Ladies' Day 2020

Viewed 310 times
Rob & Candie Taylor

State Director of Youth & Discipleship

Guest Speaker

Youth Day 2020


Viewed 448 times
Mike & Sonja White

Guest Speaker

Viewed 582 times
Don & Millie Capell

Guest Speaker

Men's Day 2020

Viewed 652 times
Dr. Ken & Tricia Bell

Guest Speaker

(20 Year Celebration)

Viewed 656 times
Bobby Deal Family

Guest Singers

Viewed 735 times
Zachary & Elaine Barnes

Guest Speaker

Viewed 727 times
Nancy Jacobs Blue

Guest Speaker

Ladies' Day 2019

Viewed 772 times
Donald & Cynthia Hunt Jr.

Guest Speaker

Viewed 803 times
Ottis & Gail Gore

Special Singers

Seniors/Grandparent's Day


Viewed 841 times
Garry & Janie Hodges

Guest Singer

Viewed 824 times
The Shepherds

Special Guest Singers

(65th Anniversary)

Viewed 847 times
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